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11 March 2024
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Encouraging results for hydrogen test van

First Hydrogen's van shows no performance or range loss in cold weather during tests, offering a key advantage over electric vans.


First Hydrogen’s prototype van has been undergoing tests with Wales & West Utilities (WWU), recently – and it has been revealed that the cold winter weather does not affect the van’s performance or range.

This is an important revelation as some fleets operating pure electric vans are reporting that range can fall by almost 50% in the cold.

The gas distribution network tried out First Hydrogen’s prototype van for a month to see how the technology can decarbonise fleets while meeting everyday operational demands. It’s the latest fleet to test the zero-emission vehicle, already shown to offer a 400-mile range in trials.

Initial findings show no decrease in performance or range when the hydrogen-powered vehicle is operating in colder temperatures. The data, taken from onboard telematics over a combined distance of 640 miles, reveals the first-of-its-kind vehicle has been operating for between six and seven hours per day in temperatures of between 2°C and 17°C, without impacting range.

This is a key differentiator from battery electric vehicles, which suffer with battery degradation in cooler and hotter temperatures.

The trials with WWU are supported by Protium Green Energy Solutions and Hyppo Hydrogen Solutions, which together with First Hydrogen, have created a hydrogen refuelling ecosystem to provide the infrastructure WWU needs for vehicle deployment.

Steve Gill, executive director automotive at First Hydrogen, said:

Thanks to the team at Wales & West Utilities, who have worked closely with our engineers, we have been able to collect more data from this deployment than in previous trials. The trials are generating interesting insight we can use to update our total cost of operation, which is key when securing purchase interest from prospective customers. One of the main complaints we hear from BEV drivers is the disparity between WLTP range and performance under real world conditions. The fact that our prototype vehicle is performing as expected during real-life operations is a strong selling point for fleet operators and builds confidence in FCEVs.


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