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Transport firm chooses Schmitz Cargobull

Transport firm chooses Schmitz Cargobull

Arthur Oakley Transport adds new Schmitz Cargobull curtainsiders to fleet for steel and pallet transport, citing quality and efficiency.

Published 5 Feb 2024By CV Show News

Arthur Oakley Transport was so impressed with the performance of its new S.CS COIL X-LIGHT semi-trailer from Schmitz Cargobull that it returned to the manufacturer to add another curtainsider for its pallet delivery operations.

The Hereford firm, whose core business is transporting heavy steel rolls to steelworks around the UK, recently took delivery of the S.CS COIL X-LIGHT semi-trailer before adding a new S.CS FREEPOST shortly after. A second S.CS COIL X-LIGHT curtainsider is due to arrive soon, extending a relationship with Europe’s biggest trailer manufacturer that spans more than 12 years.

Steve Underwood, transport manager at Arthur Oakley Transport, said:

We continue to be impressed by the quality of Schmitz Cargobull’s trailers – the first S.CS COIL X-LIGHT just blew us away. When we wanted to add a curtainsider to manage our pallet delivery service, we looked no further than Schmitz Cargobull and chose the S.CS FREEPOST. It’s very robust and fits the bill perfectly.

The haulier uses the S.CS FREEPOST for multidrop operations across Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the UK & Irish markets, the S.CS FREEPOST is manufactured at the Schmitz Cargobull UK plant in Manchester. It offers quick, easy and safe side loading by incorporating a bolted galvanised steel cant rail and fixed aluminium roof, as well as a reinforced chassis structure.

The S.CS COIL X-LIGHT offers greater payload and improved fuel efficiency in comparison to the traditional S.CS COIL due to its reduced unladen weight – with fewer parts, light materials and an adapted design. The rapid roof lift accelerates loading and unloading when using the complete interior height.

Underwood said the reduced weight of the trailer allowed the haulier to handle the transport of single steel coils up to 29-tonnes:

The lighter trailer gives us the scope to manage heavier loads and, with a cover over the coil well, we can maximise the capacity to transport other freight.

Commenting on Schmitz Cargobull’s level of service, he added: “

We have an excellent relationship with the company. Their team always puts a lot of effort into looking after our business, finding the best solutions to meet our requirements.

The S.CS COIL X-LIGHT and S.CS FREEPOST curtainsiders join a fleet comprised of 25 vehicles and 20 trailers at Arthur Oakley Transport, which is a member of the Palletways delivery network.

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