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Renault launches all-new Master van

Renault launches all-new Master van

Renault unveils new Master van: enhanced efficiency, 255-mile electric range, 20 driver assistance systems, and upgraded interior.

Published 1 Dec 2023By CV Show News

Renault has revealed the latest version of its Master heavy van, with new looks, upgraded technology and enhanced efficiency, space and comfort.

The new Master’s interior is similar to that of a passenger vehicle. The materials have a premium feel and the 10-inch screen – which comes as standard across the line-up – adds a high-tech touch. Dark upholstery enhances the contemporary style.

The steering wheel is from the Renault passenger vehicle range and is adjustable for height and reach. Automatic versions now have the transmission controls on the steering wheel, opening up even more space in the centre console.

The 135 litres of total storage space – a 25 per cent increase – ranks this generation as the market leader. The available space is spread across the dashboard, side cupholders, glove-box drawers, cab-ceiling slot and two storage tiers in the doors.

Its front end includes Renault’s new logo and the extra-large full-LED headlamps in the signature C-shaped array around the grille. A U-shaped inset below the grille can be grainy black or, in higher trim levels, the same colour as the body. Customers have a choice of seven body colours as standard and over 300 special hues.

Four diesel Blue dCi powertrains, delivering 105, 130, 150 or 170hp, are available. They consume less fuel (1.5 litres less per 100km on average) and emit less CO2 (39 grams less per km, below 200g/km). Depending on the version, the engines can be paired to a six-speed manual gearbox or a new nine-speed automatic gearbox.

The fully-electric version is powered by a 105kW motor, delivering 300Nm of torque. It benefits from an 87 kWh battery that provides a WLTP range of more than 255 miles.

The van’s set of 20 driver assistance systems maximises safety for the people in and around it. Its active safety features include its lateral stability, automatic emergency braking and trailer stability assist systems. It also comes with Intelligent Speed Assist, to help the driver stay within the speed limit.

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