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13 January 2024
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New lightweight trailer unveiled

Brian James Trailers introduces Race Transporter 7, a lightweight, high-capacity enclosed trailer starting at £25,500, targeting premium market.


Brian James Trailers (BJT) has revealed its new lightweight enclosed trailer. The Race Transporter 7 (RT7) is 200kg lighter than the equivalent-sized Race Transporter 6 (RT6), providing a higher load capacity.

The RT7 meets a new demand for lighter trailers due to cars getting heavier and an increased focus on fuel efficiency, for both cost control and environmental reasons. With vehicle weights growing and the heavy nature of EVs and hybrids, BJT believes the RT7 is the future of the high-end vehicle logistics industry.

It’s available in black or white bodywork and tri-axle or twin-axle models. Extra height versions of each model are available as an optional upgrade too, a feature facilitated by the lower unladen weight of the design. Prices start from £25,500 plus VAT and the largest models with all options selected are close to £40,000. This model thus creates a new category of super-premium enclosed car transporter trailer sitting above the previous range-topping Race Transporter 6 (RT6) in the BJT range, which will still be sold alongside the RT7.

Lewis James, CEO of BJT, said:

With exceptional specification and a lighter, stronger, smarter design, the RT7 takes enclosed car transport to a new level. Whether for supercar exotics, motorsport, classics or vehicle logistics, the RT7 is the ultimate choice.


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