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DAF XB series gets first UK showing

DAF XB series gets first UK showing

DAF unveils 12-tonne XB Electric at London EV Show, part of new eco-friendly XB range with up to 350 km zero-emission range.

Published 1 Dec 2023By CV Show News

DAF’s New Generation DAF XB series went on display for the first time in the UK at the London EV Show at ExCel London. The show exhibit, a 12-tonne XB Electric, is the newest addition to the growing range of zero emission models available from DAF.

DAF Trucks recently announced the new XB range of city distribution and vocational vehicles from 7.5-tonnes to 18-tonnes GVW with diesel powertrains, alongside zero emissions XB Electric models at 12-, 16- and 19-tonnes GVW. The new range seamlessly merges eco-consciousness with unrivalled efficiency, safety and comfort, building further on the market-leader’s extensive and multi-award-winning product range.

The compact 12-tonne XB Electric model on display at the London EV Show, with its single step entry, is ideally suited for zero emissions city distribution. The truck features a 120 kW e-motor and is equipped with 210 kWh batteries offering a range of up to 200 km. Its 4.3 metre wheelbase is one a range of options. For applications which demand higher payloads, the XB Electric is available in 16- and 19-tonne configurations.

The New Generation DAF XB Electric’s e-motor provides 120 or 190 kW of nominal power, dependant on GVW and a nominal torque of 950 and 1,850 Nm (respectively 2,600 and 3,500 Nm peak). The cobalt and magnesium-free lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) high energy density battery packs deliver 141 to 282 kWh, enabling ranges of up to 350 ultra-quiet and zero-emissions kilometres.

The DAF XB Electric is equipped with a ‘Combined Charging System’, which allows the truck to be charged through the regular electricity network – ideal for when vehicles return to base at the end of the day. Rapid charging the batteries (650V DC, 150 kW) from 20 per cent to 80 per cent takes 40 to 70 minutes, depending on battery pack specification.

To support customers optimally in the transition to zero emission road transport, DAF’s comprehensive offering includes a broad range of PACCAR charging solutions, advice on route planning and charging, and the provision of dedicated training for drivers to get the best out of their vehicles.

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