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22 February 2024
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Volvo FM and FMX get major technology upgrades

Volvo upgrades FM and FMX trucks with new technologies and a camera monitoring system, enhancing efficiency, safety, and productivity.


Volvo’s FM and FMX trucks are being upgraded with new technologies and the latest in camera monitoring for even better efficiency, safety and productivity for demanding businesses.

The updates, which follow the launch of the new FH Aero and FH16 Aero, are the latest in Volvo Trucks’ efforts to optimise its vehicles. Regardless of which powertrain the customer chooses – electric, gas or diesel – all variants of Volvo’s heavy-duty trucks will benefit from a high level of efficiency, safety and driving experience.

The heavy-duty Volvo trucks are icons in the industry and with the latest upgrades I am confident that we will further strengthen our position in this segment

said Roger Alm, president of Volvo Trucks.

Our skilled engineers have done a tremendous job in fine-tuning our heavy-duty trucks for reduced CO2 emissions, improved safety and even better productivity and customer satisfaction.

The heavy-duty range exterior is also getting a mild refresh with a bold Volvo Iron Mark – the biggest ever on a Volvo Truck in modern times. The upgraded Volvo models will go into production during the first half of 2024 and reach dealerships in mid-2024.

An advanced new Camera Monitoring System contributes to both better aerodynamics and improved safety. This new solution, which replaces traditional exterior mirrors, gives the driver a wider visual field, improving safety for both the driver and surrounding road users.

The camera system has a positive impact on the driver’s visibility in rainy and dark conditions, as well as in direct sunlight and when driving in tunnels. When pulling a trailer, the camera system also has an auto-panning function that zooms in on the turning trailer.


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