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Scorpion trackers offered for Isuzu D-Max buyers

Isuzu D-Max now offers Scorpion Trackers amid a 24.9% surge in UK vehicle thefts, significantly boosting recovery rates to 96%.


The Isuzu D-Max can now be fitted with Scorpion Trackers to give owners peace of mind as the number of stolen vehicles surges in the UK. Between 2021 and 2022, the number of thefts increased by 24.9%, with over 130,000 cars stolen in 2022/23, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

In 2021, only 28% of stolen vehicles in the UK were recovered. Installing the intelligent tracker in a vehicle increases the recovery rate over three times, bringing peace of mind to Isuzu D-Max owners. Scorpion Trackers consequently boasts 96% of stolen vehicles recovered that are fitted with the device.

Scorpion Trackers offer a suite of theft prevention features to mitigate the risk of car theft. The company has over 50 years experience of designing electronic devices specialising in security, GPS tracking and telematics.

As a result, it is an insurance-approved service that offers 24/7 vehicle recovery support, automatic driver recognition, live tracking, journey history and vehicle management. The tracker also can identify whether a cloned key has been used to access a vehicle and subsequently will alert the system.

Compatible with iOS and Android, the Scorpion Tracker app can be accessed on a mobile phone. In addition to the security measures that the tracker provides, additional features include the monitoring of top/average speed, fuel usage, journey time and distance travelled.

Richard Andrews, head of OEM at Scorpion Automotive, said:

At a time where vehicle security is of growing concern, we are proud to share our superb track record of recovered stolen vehicles. We aim to provide our customers with a comprehensive service that ensures both value and peace of mind. The testaments we have had from our customers typify our strong reputation in vehicle security. Additionally, out of the 4% of vehicles with Scorpion Trackers that were not recovered, we were unable to contact many of the respective owners when a suspected theft occurred.


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