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Powertrain specialist launches new KleanDrive system

Powertrain specialist launches new KleanDrive system

KleanBus launches KleanDrive, expanding its electric powertrain solutions to all vehicle types, focusing on efficient, cost-effective zero-emission transitions.

Published 5 Feb 2024By CV Show News

Zero-emission powertrain specialist KleanBus has launched a new business called KleanDrive to offer its electrification technology across the entire transport industry.

KleanDrive effectively expands KleanBus’ strategic focus of bus ‘repowering’ to now include all modes of vehicles where carbon-emitting combustion engines can be replaced with its electric powertrain solution. This will include current and future light commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and marine vessels.

Joe Tighe, CEO, said:

The launch of KleanDrive is a natural evolution of our business and innovative technology, reflecting our forward-thinking approach and our commitment to explore new opportunities that extend beyond the bus industry. This is the next step on our journey where our primary goal remains unwavering: to accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles for the betterment of our planet and all its inhabitants.

He added:

Our mission is transforming transport, with our repowering technology offering a quick, cost-effective and sustainable shift.

KleanDrive's repowering technology aims to enable operators from all transport applications to replace diesel engines with its 'ePowertrain Module'.

With what it describes as an efficient upcycling and testing process after the development of an initial prototype, KleanDrive says its solution reduces operating costs to a fraction of those associated with buying and building new electric vehicles (EVs), making it an ideal choice for fleet operators seeking a swift and sustainable transition from diesel to electric.

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