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18 March 2024
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Motormax has an eye on road safety

Motormax enhances road safety with products for HGVs, ensuring compliance with the Direct Vision Standard and protecting vulnerable road users.


Motormax is helping to improve road safety and efficiency in the transport industry with a range of equipment.

For example, HGVs over 12 tonnes operating in Greater London that do not meet the required three-star rating will need to install a Progressive Safe System by 28/10/2024 to comply with the updated Direct Vision Standard. Motormax offers products meeting UNECE 151 & 159 regulations, guaranteeing 100% compliance for fleet operators.

DVS 2024 requires vehicles to have a front sensor system that detects pedestrians or cyclists entering the blind spot area at the vehicle front. All vehicles must have a blind spot information system. The systems should only provide the information signal to the driver in response to the presence of a vulnerable road user (VRU).

Camera systems fitted on vehicles must eliminate any remaining blind spots. This provides a visual alert of an approaching vulnerable road user.

Audio warnings must be fitted to all vehicles, including those with left-hand drive to ensure all vehicles can warn VRU of intended manoeuvres.

Meanwhile, OnSight is the firm’s latest safety system designed specifically for heavy duty plant vehicles and to assist drivers and protect workers. Four AI cameras create a 360° zone around the vehicle with an in-cab monitor showing the driver camera views with specific warnings, ie. ‘Pedestrian left’.


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