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18 March 2024
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Survey proves bleak news for van drivers 

UK van drivers face longer working hours and economic pressures, with little optimism for business outlook, a Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles study finds.


Two-thirds (60%) of UK van drivers are working longer hours as continuing cost pressures contribute to a bleak economic outlook for many, according to a study by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

The survey of 1,000 UK van drivers revealed that 68% are feeling no more optimistic about the outlook for their business than they did last year, with the rising cost of materials among the greatest challenges.

An increase in working hours means that UK van drivers are now averaging nine hours and 10 minutes of work per day – up from eight hours 34 minutes reported in February 2023 – with two in five working over 10 hours per day. This represents a 7% increase in the average working day, year on year.

This comes at a time when, despite the inflation rate falling to 4.2% in January 2024, UK van drivers are still concerned about the high cost of materials and those associated with the day-to-day running of their business. For example, ready-mixed concrete and flexible pipes and fittings are up 14.6% and 23.8% respectively since last year, putting further pressure on the construction industry.

Craig Cavanagh, national fleet manager at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, said:

Faced with longer hours and concerns around the rising cost of materials, it’s easy to understand the pressure UK van drivers are feeling around the day-to-day running of their businesses. As part of our ‘Working With You’ commitment, we’re supporting those feeling this added pressure, to keep their businesses moving and running costs to a minimum.


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