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RHA calls for more support in London for commercial vehicles

RHA proposes establishing a London Freight Council and allowing trucks to use bus lanes, aiming to support London's commercial vehicle sector.


As the rules and regulations regarding trucks and vans travelling in London become ever more complicated, the Road Haulage Association (RHA) has called for more support for the commercial vehicle sector from Transport for London (TfL), including the setting up of a London Freight Council and allowing trucks to use existing bus lanes to ease congestion.

In its submission ‘Supplying London – The Road Freight and Coach Industry Manifesto for London’, the RHA sets out its key tasks ahead for the coming year.

Recommendations include appointing a freight commissioner to co-ordinate logistics-related policy across devolved government and liaise between various bodies and establishing a London freight council.

It also wants to maintain access for lorries where they are needed by seeking a commitment to identify and maintain key freight routes in the capital which could reduce congestion and improve air quality.

The London Mayor, says the RHA, should also consider traffic prioritisation on these routes, including allowing bus lanes to be used by HGVs to reduce congestion.

Major infrastructure projects and new developments must ensure adequate loading bays and kerbside access are provided to HGVs to ensure efficient deliveries, it added.

Richard Smith, RHA managing director, said:

We are committed to working with the Mayor of London to ensure more efficient freight and coach journeys. Our members based in the capital stand ready to work with the Mayor to take forward the priorities within this manifesto and ensure London’s commercial vehicle sector has the support it needs.


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