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Crane fleet gets extra tyre safety

Southern Cranes & Access significantly reduced tyre-related downtime and enhanced safety by installing Wheely-Safe's TPMS on 40 cranes.


Southern Cranes & Access has significantly reduced its tyre-related downtime and improved the health & safety of its operations after fitting Wheely-Safe technology across its fleet of mobile cranes. The West Sussex-based business has Wheely-Safe’s intelligent tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) working on 40 of its vehicles – constantly checking the health of the heavy-duty fitments they run on.

Kelvin Prince, director at Southern Cranes & Access, said:

“Our tyres are carrying some seriously heavy weights, on up to six-axle machines. Each tyre is worth in the region of £1,200 so it’s vital we look after them as well as we can.
The Wheely-Safe system is the perfect solution for us. We’ve seen a big reduction in tyre failures across the fleet since we installed the technology and, most importantly of all, it improves the safety of our operation. If we get a blow-out on one of these cranes, it can do some serious damage – therefore it’s vital to have everything in place to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Southern Cranes & Access has specified Wheely-Safe’s external TPMS sensors, which replace the valve cap and auto-pair with an in-cab solar receiver. Ideal for larger vehicles, the heavy vehicle TPMS sensors are suitable for inflation pressures of up to 188 psi.

The company’s crane operators are also utilising Wheely-Safe’s handy Pressure and Brake Temperature Checkers, as well as WalkAround Checkers for their daily inspections.

Southern Cranes & Access is a family-run business which started trading in July 1997. The business has one of the largest, most versatile fleets of access machines and cranes in the south-east.


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