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23 February 2024
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Volvo’s new truck engine piles on the power

Volvo Trucks unveils new FH16 engine with up to 780hp and 3,800Nm, offering superior power, fuel efficiency, and biofuel compatibility.


Volvo Trucks is introducing a new engine for its iconic FH16. Delivering up to 780hp and 3,800Nm, the new 17-litre engine – also certified to run on biofuels – can handle the toughest transport assignments with ease while delivering outstanding fuel efficiency and durability.

The new engine comes with three power levels – 600hp, 700hp and 780hp – while torque levels have been increased to 3,000Nm, 3,400Nm and 3,800Nm respectively, translating into faster engine response, better driveability, maximised productivity and improved fuel efficiency.

Marcos Weingaertner, product manager at Volvo Trucks, said:

I’m proud to present our new engine – it really is a masterpiece and the result of world-class engineering. The 780hp version is the strongest engine in the industry.

When climbing steep grades on a road with maximum loads, you don’t want to get stuck with too little torque and power. That is why we have focused all our efforts on making the D17 engine very powerful, reliable and responsive. For our customers, this translates into getting the job done faster with improved fuel efficiency.

The D17 engine is equipped with a single efficient turbocharger that boosts engine responsiveness and improves the driving experience. Volvo’s patented wave piston design optimises combustion and reduces emissions, while the new injection system ensures the best fuel economy, while increased peak cylinder pressure enables high power output.

The engine brake power across the entire speed range has been greatly improved with outstanding engine response. This enables fast gearshifts, resulting in less wear and tear on the brake pads and disc, while also being more efficient when travelling downhill.

The new D17 engine is certified to run on HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) in all power ratings. The 700hp version is also certified to run on 100 per cent biodiesel (B100). The gearbox has been updated to handle up to 3,800 Nm, and internal gearbox efficiency has been further improved on the 3,000Nm and 3,400Nm versions.


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