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22 March 2024
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Renault Trucks reveals healthy rise in sales

Renault Trucks' 2023 deliveries rose by 18% to 69,859 units, with electric vehicle deliveries up 153% and European market share shifts.


Despite a market still marked by supply shortages, especially in the first half of last year, deliveries of new Renault Trucks vehicles rose by 18% year-on-year to 69,859 units in 2023.

In Europe, in the over 16-tonne segment, Renault Trucks saw its global deliveries increase by 3.4% in 2023, in what was a dynamic and growing market. The manufacturer lost 0.9 points of market share, closing at 8.5%. In the 6- to 16-tonne segment, deliveries increased by 6.8%, while market share fell by 0.8 points to 6.2%. Renault Trucks remains the leader in its domestic market, with a 27.9% share of the French market in the over 16-tonne segment.

In 2023, Renault Trucks continued its transition to electric mobility, with deliveries up 153% with 1,636 electric vehicles across all ranges.

Renault Trucks delivered 624 vehicles in the electric medium and heavy duty segment in 2023 (+65%). In Europe (EU30 registrations), in the over 16-tonne electric vehicle segment, Renault Trucks is outpacing the market, with a penetration rate of 2.5% in 2023 (709 vehicles registered). This compares with an overall electric truck penetration rate in Europe of 0.9% (3,163 vehicles registered).

The manufacturer’s share of the European market (EU30) for over 16-tonne electric trucks stands at 22.4%. In France, Renault Trucks has an 84% share of this segment, with 464 vehicles registered.

In the electric light commercial vehicle segment, Renault Trucks saw its performance increase by 278%, with 1,012 units delivered. This trend is set to continue in 2024, with the arrival of two new electric light commercial vehicle models: the Renault Trucks E-Tech Trafic and the new Renault Trucks E-Tech Master (the latter will replace the current model in 2024).


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