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Mercedes-Benz reveals new Actros L

Mercedes-Benz Trucks unveils new Actros L with ProCabin, enhancing aerodynamics and safety; production starts December 2024.


Mercedes-Benz Trucks has unveiled the new Actros L, an updated version of its largest production model. The new truck features a redesigned body known as ProCabin, which promises fuel savings of up to 3% as a result of improved aerodynamics.

In addition, Mercedes-Benz Trucks claims further efficiency from its third generation 12.8-litre OM 471 diesel engine. The OM 471 has been given two new turbochargers and a revised exhaust gas after-treatment system. It is available alongside the OM 470 and OM 473 diesel engines.

The Actros L stands out visually with full cab paintwork, dark chrome badging and LED lighting. Its interior is available in three variants – StreamSpace, BigSpace, or GigaSpace – with comfort features such as optimised seat heating, new premium flat-woven seat covers, or bunks with full slatted frames and a new, thick premium mattress.

Among the safety enhancements is the fitment of Active Brake Assist 6.0, which can perform automated maximum full-stop braking to a complete stop at speeds of up to 60 km/h ahead of crossing, oncoming traffic, or other road users in the same lane. Mercedes-Benz Trucks says the new safety systems exceed the required standards of the

General Safety Regulation (GSR), which will be effective from July 2024 The second-generation Active Sideguard Assist monitors traffic on both the driver’s and front passenger sides and with its two-stage warning system it can alert drivers to potential dangers so that intervention can mitigate a critical traffic situation. The active warning zone extends up to 30 metres behind and seven metres in front of the vehicle, operating at speeds of up to 30 km/h.

There is also a new Front Guard Assist system that can help to prevent accidents with pedestrians or cyclists who may be directly in front of the truck when it moves off. Rainer Müller-Finkeldei, head of development at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, said:

We always aim to provide our customers with the best vehicle solutions for all drive technologies. The traditional diesel-powered truck will also continue to be indispensable in the various regions of the world for some time to come. With the new Actros L, we have further optimised our tried and tested flagship in many aspects. This is already reflected in the revolutionary cab design.

The new Actros L with ProCabin can be ordered from April 2024 and will go into production in December 2024.


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