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3 April 2024
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April fool prank promises new Isuzu aftershave

Isuzu's April Fool's prank announces "Driven" fragrance, fooling media with a description of a bold, adventurous scent.


Isuzu fooled some parts of the media when it announced the unlikely news on April 1 that it was launching a new fragrance called Driven.

The April Fool prank even featured pictures of the new after shave, which promised:

An uncompromising blend of irresistibility and raw intensity, Driven is crafted for the doers, grafters, makers and shakers, undaunted by life’s many obstacles. Inspired by the audacious; poised to become the perfect companion for any individual fuelled by adventure. Driven’s ingredients have been meticulously selected and sourced by Isuzu UK’s very own perfumer division, House of Isuzu, dedicated to offering a sensory spectacle whilst maintaining the Pick-up Professionals’ macho essence. Carefully and meticulously formulated, the alluring Driven has been secretly tested by the most experienced pick-up drivers in the UK, ensuring that it definitely will help you pick-up.


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