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Stellantis plans for EV charge points at dealerships

Stellantis plans for EV charge points at dealerships

Stellantis to launch 'Free2move Charge' fast charging stations at dealerships by 2024, enhancing EV infrastructure.

Published 18 Dec 2023By CV Show News

Auto conglomerate Stellantis is to open a network of fast charging stations at its dealerships by the end of 2024.

The new charging stations will be co-branded ‘Free2move Charge’ – following the firm’s launch of its EV charging business unit earlier this year – and the firm says it will expand fast charging access not only to its own EV customers, but also all other EV drivers regardless of a brand. However, Stellantis brand EV customers will be able to access preferential charging tariffs through the Free2move Charge Go app.

The plans will see 400 locations with up to 1,600 plugs go live over the next 12 months, hopefully reducing barriers to EV adoption and increasing dealerships’ role in the EV transformation.

The project is being run hand-in-hand with the Stellantis dealer network, which will provide the location sites, along with select charge point operators (CPOs), which will invest, develop and operate the stations.

Ricardo Stamatti, Stellantis senior vice-president of global charging and energy, said:

This project represents a synergistic partnership between Free2move Charge Europe, led by Magdalena Jablonska, together with our Europe Retail team, dealer network and key CPO partners, all united under one banner, meeting our customer’s needs in high powered charging. A four-pronged approach that will deliver a seamless, accessible and valuable charging experience anywhere our customers need it.
The new fast charging stations will integrate both the customers and Stellantis dealers into the same sustainable and virtuous journey

added Danilo Annese, head of global retail, Stellantis.

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