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Scare stories put fleets off choosing electric vehicles, say experts

AFP challenges EV scare stories affecting electric truck/van adoption, highlighting misinformation and promoting factual reassurance.


The uptake of electric trucks and vans is being severely hampered by a slew of scare stories and misinformation, according to the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP).

The AFP says people in every organisation are seizing on these stories and sharing them with other employees, putting fleet managers who are trying to electrify operations under pressure.

AFP chair Paul Hollick said:

In most cases, there is nothing malicious about the actions of these people. They just don’t know much about EV technology, believe what they read online and are subsequently fearful of scenarios involving EVs that are unlikely to actually happen.

Hollick said in some sections of the media, it seems to have become popular to create scare stories about EVs – that they catch fire easily and cannot be extinguished, that they will all run out of power in cold weather and block motorways, that they are more environmentally damaging than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and vans and that current models will be worthless in a matter of years.

Most recently, we’ve seen the case of a ‘runaway’ EV that the police had to bring to a stop using their own vehicles which appears to have been nothing of the sort, with the driver reportedly accused of fabricating the emergency,

he added.

We’ve talked quite a lot in recent times about how fleet managers have spent the last couple of years achieving easy wins in terms of EV adoption and we’re now into a phase that is a much more of a grind. That means tackling more difficult areas such as van electrification and building operations in more geographically remote areas. Part of this grind involves pushing back against EV misinformation.

Fleet managers within the AFP are gathering and sharing EV facts and figures that they can use whenever one of these scare stories is raised by one or more employees.

It’s become a process of reassurance,

said Hollick.

The overwhelming experience of most fleets is that once drivers start using EVs, they love them and few would return to an ICE vehicle. The objections tend to come from those with limited or no exposure.


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