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Ford links up with Octopus Energy for new charging system

Ford partners with Octopus Energy in Great Britain, offering Dynamic Charging feature for EVs, maximising cost savings and renewable energy use.

Ford links up with Octopus Energy for new charging system

Ford has announced enhancements to owning one of its electric vehicles. A new partnership with Octopus Energy in Great Britain will enable Ford customers to charge their EVs using energy tariffs specifically designed to enhance the ownership experience.

A newly developed Dynamic Charging feature is designed to enable Ford EVs to communicate with the energy providers’ intelligent supply networks. As a result, owners of compatible models will be able to plug in their vehicles, input their desired state-of-charge and departure time using a smartphone app and get on with their day – safe in the knowledge that their battery will be automatically charged using tariffs designed to maximise cost savings and the use of renewable energy.

Our new energy initiative is another milestone on our journey to offer a new generation of all-electric vehicles built for a connected world while providing truly outstanding customer experiences.

said Martin Sander, general manager, Ford Model e, Europe.

We’ve specifically chosen to work with energy providers that share our disruptor mindset and that customers can rely on to deliver leading rates for charging with renewable electricity, so that their EV will be ready to go when they are.

With every electric car that takes the road, we’re getting closer to zero emissions transport – but to reach the finish line, we need to make green driving cheap and accessible…

said Michael Cottrell, partnerships director at Octopus Energy.

…our smart tariffs allow drivers to tap into cheap renewable power, potentially saving drivers hundreds of pounds a year while doing their bit for the planet.


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